The New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe

Best-Running Shoes-For Women:

Best-Running Shoes-For Women presents the New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe.The New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe  for women with its  ABZORB cushioning. Abzorb is a foam based polymer and works by dispersing force out from the point of impact, thus removing the type of shock that could be responsible for heel, ankle and back pain.

It also has a roll bar  and mid sole and removable  SL-FIT Motion Control insole.

The New Balance Womens WR Running Shoe  may be the most comfortable, shock-absorbing shoe you have ever worn. It is  also lightweight and breathable and offers extreme stye and good looks. The New Balance Womens WR 1123 Running Shoe is a high mileage trainer for the runner who requires maximum motion control, stability and cushioning.

The New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe

Features and Specifications:

          .  weighs 2 pounds

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Colors: white + lollie pop
  • Shipping:This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.A.
  • Has abzorb technology
  • Isoprene rubber for the ultimate ride

The New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe


With intensive research on The New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe,many people reported that this shoe is incredibly comfortable and provides stability, along with great cushioning.

Some of these comments were great shoes, most amazing shoes to ever be on my feet,great for overweight women, like walking on clouds, love this shoe, Mercedes of sneakers and cuts down on planter fascitis pain.

One person said she has several pair of New Balance shoes in different styles. While she liked them all, she said that this shoe from New Balance is the star of the crowd.They are very comfortable and they have great cushioning. I think, she reports,that it would be impossible for her to sprain an ankle while wearing them and are worth every penny of their price.

Still another said that she always worn another brand but after purchasing this running shoe she said that these shoes blew them out of the water.She had been looking for a shoe that she could walk in while on the treadmill. Having always been active, her weight had yo-yo`d. She no longer focuses on how much her feet hurt while working out and no longer suffers because of blisters. She admits that these shoes are not the cutest but who cares when comfort is involved.

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Many also reported that they suffer from Planter Fascitis and The New Balance Womens WR1123 Running Shoe for women gave them great relief . Such comments as this one who said that Planter fascitis for eleven months and could not find a shoe that did not hurt somewhere on their foot until purchasing these shoes.

Another bought the WR1123 Running Shoe following treatment for planter fascitis and found these shoes to be comfortable and roomy.

Our final reviewer says that The New Balance Womens  WR1123 Running Shoe is a great deal because that these shoes are the only shoes that give his lady comfort from plantar fascitis, and have to buy about three pair per year.

So with so many positive comments about The New Balance Womens  WR1123 Running Shoe, we have no reason not to recommend this shoe, especially if you are looking for comfort,stability,great cushioning and value for your  money.

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